PhosterCherryTreeIn 2012, two young women, Jenny Blakey and Mary Rankin, met during a social entrepreneurship internship and embarked on a journey to develop eco-friendly luxury candles that would change the world. The belief that charity will change a person’s life in that moment, but sustainable employment will change a person’s life forever led them to combine a for-profit business with a mission to “do good”. The result – they’re changing the lives of individuals, families and villages all over the world.

Their candles are hand crafted using 100% beeswax, 100% cotton wicks, and are non-toxic.

 The essential oils come from specific eco-projects around the world. The projects are built around sustainable agriculture, poverty alleviation, grassroots healthcare and ethnobotanical preservation. Most importantly, these projects provide sustainable employment to impoverished farmers. The farmers can now do things that we tend to take for granted, such as send their children to school.

Phoster Candles

Determined to have every step of the candle sale help people, fifty percent of each candle line is donated to non-profit organisations ending human trafficking, bringing health education and disease prevention and electrifying villages.

For a store that has been in business for a mere five months, Phoster is redefining the word sustainable and setting an example of how companies can actually do good and change lives.

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